About Plakias

The area of Plakias is located 40km south of Rethimno. It is an organized resort with sandy and clean beaches. You can also enjoy water sports and traditional cretan food in the local tavernas. Plakias is a holiday resort situated on the southwest coast of Crete at the shore of the Libyan Sea. Mountains surround the area, which is predominated by a beautiful curved sandy beach. At the end of this beach is the village of Plakias which includes a small harbour, traditional Greek restaurants, bars and few nightclubs.
Plakias is found between two gorges of Kourtalioti and Kotsifou, it has a beautiful natural landscape, it offers relaxation to the visitor in the beautiful beaches and entertainment in the bars and in coastal cafeterias. The area is ideal for swimming and sea sports. The distances to the three main towns of the island of Crete are as follows: Rethymno 35 km, Heraklio 110 km, Chania 90 km. In the surrounding area there are few other beaches with special characteristics: Damnoni, Amoudi, Schinaria, Souda and one of the most famous attractions in Crete – Preveli palm beach. Nearby, scattered on the mountain slopes and in the valley there are six other Greek villages. Of these Myrthios provides a splendid panoramic view of the area, asi t is located just above Plakias in the surrounding mountains.
The first mention of Plakias was in the census of 1961 when only 6 fishermen were its permanent inhabitants. In these times Plakias was just a couple of houses with a tiny harbour, just enough for the local fishermen to nest their vessels. Occasionally the place had a visitor, whether it was to enjoy the tranquillity or to sit and have a drink with the locals. As word spread about the beauty of the area, the number of visitors increased. The natural beauty of the place helped Plakias to become a renowned tourist resort now providing all the facilities that a visitor could wish.There are many small secluded beaches for the naturalism lovers as well as some organized ones providing facilities such as sun chairs, umbrellas, sea sports etc.
With the need to serve the growing number of visitors, newer and safer roads have been constructed and now connect the main cities to the north and south of the island. The harbour has been reinforced and the streets around the village and across the long beach have been decorated with lights, and small parks created next to them. The beaches and the streets are cleaned everyday. The sewerage system has been modernised with the latest biological equipment, keeping the beach one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean area. New restaurants have been created and with the older ones are inspected often by the health and environment inspectors. Modern bars and nightclubs also comply with noise regulations.
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